Story of GritLife

Why we do what we do

When nothing was working, do something different.

I've always tried to find patterns and associations to derive simple solutions. This mindset is probably my number one reason that led me down the product development path.

When I first became a Dad, I was somewhat naive about children. I often thought, "sure, it might be a bit of work, but how hard it could be?" I often chuckle at how little I knew back then.

After my second child was born and my eldest child started displaying behavioural difficulties, I sought help from experts to guide me through these challenging times. Despite thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and even more classes, books, podcasts, articles, videos or specialist appointments (you name it, I've read it). I was still no closer to a solution for my eldest child.

Philosophy and mission

So much of our lives are dictated not by the actions of others but by the reactions of ourselves. Whilst we cannot control everything that frustrates us about the world, what we can choose, and influence is how we want these things to affect us.

At GritLife, we're on a journey to minimise the daily suffering felt by everyone. We help people by teaching them how to build a growth mindset and reframe how they see the world.

Through our services, people will gain perspective and learn how to micro-mentor themselves through behavioural changes. Thus, relieving some of the stress, frustration, and suffering out of life.

Our promise

At GritLife we know facilitating behavioural change is a struggle. It's easy to fall back into patterns of bad behaviour or thinking.

This is why we promise our members that we're not here to judge or make them feel guilty. We want to help you, always.

So regardless of your age, culture, upbringing or anything that makes you unique, at GritLife we're building a service to support you and help steer you through your self-development journey.

Join us on our journey